Fully Accessible

We are Fully Accessable!

Easier Access for Everyone

Use of the Accessible Low Floor Bus (ALF) can offer you greater freedom and flexibility when travelling around Kings County. It provides easier access for existing transit passengers and increased mobility for others by offering the following features:
  • no steps-entry and exit
  • bus floor lowers to curb level
  • entry access ramp for quick and safe wheelchair securement for two chairs
  • electronically controlled heating system
  • extra wide passenger doors
  • large electronic destination signs
  • improved panoramic windows
  • comfortable seating for 39 passengers with wider aisles
When both wheelchair spaces on an ALF bus are occupied, or if the bus is full with a standing load of passengers and the Bus Operator cannot board a passenger in a wheelchair, he will advise the wheelchair passenger that they will have to wait for the next ALF bus.

How can I use the Low Floor Bus?
There are several conditions in order to be able to use the ALF service:
  • Most manual wheelchairs and some electric wheelchairs can be accommodated on the ALFS.
  • Scooters are not permitted on the buses due to safety regulations.
  • A wheelchair must be no wider than 30 inches and no longer than 48 inches. If you are not sure if your wheelchair can be accommodated, or whether you will be able to maneuver into the wheelchair space provided, please contact Kings Transit at 902-678-7310 and an orientation session will be set up.
  • You must be able to board and disembark to the bus, deposit the fare and manoeuvre into the wheelchair space independently.
  • You must ensure your wheelchair is in good condition to enable it to be secured in the tie-down system on the bus.
  • If a passenger using a wheelchair requires assistance in boarding or manoeuvring, they must be accompanied by a companion who can assume these responsibilities (They are also to pay regular fare).
  • Bus drivers are responsible for properly restraining the wheelchair, using the tie-down system.
Low Floor Bus Service
The Low Floor Bus Service will operate between Wolfville and Greenwood only. The Bridgetown, Cornwallis and Weymouth routes will continue with the current buses.

The following stops will be accessible immediately with additional stops being added over time.
  Wolfville Route: New Minas:
  • Billy Bobs Pizza
  • Tideaways
  • Mud Creek Convenience Store
  • Eastern Kings Health Centre
  • County Fair Mall
  • Walmart
Kentville Route:  Greenwood Route:
  • Kentville Terminal
  • Aliant Building, Main Street
  • Valley Regional Hospital
  • Cambrooken Court, Coldbrook
  • Main Street Video, Berwick
  • Price Chopper, Berwick
  • Needs/Atwater Irving, Aylesford
  • Main St/MaGee Dr., Kingston
  • Greenwood Mall
How Do I Know an ALF Route?
Look for the Internal Symbol for Accessibility on the bus stop signs along the ALF bus routes. The same decal will be displayed on all four sides of the bus. If you see a bus with these decals travelling along a route with bus stops marked with these symbols, it will signify that a fully accessible low floor bus is in service.

ALF buses displaying the Accessibility Low Floor Symbol will be in operation on all Kings County Routes. However, this does not necessarily mean that the entire route it is servicing is accessible, as all the bus stops may not offer suitable conditions for boarding and disembarking from the bus.

Your understanding is appreciated as our Bus Operators adapt to the newly configured bus stops.

We ask you to be patient as new riders become accustomed to this service.

Passengers using wheelchairs, walkers or have mobility challenges are reminded to board or embark via the front door.

As a courtesy, passengers who do not have mobility challenges are asked to move to the rear of the bus.